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Subscription Economy

Subme growth is bounded with the subscription economy, which is currently expanding at the rate of 100% annually! This is the reason why $SUB token value is not just mere speculation, as the project value growth is based on real-world business ideas, partnerships, goods, and services.

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SUBME army!

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Subme is the world’s first platform focused on subscribing to both physical products and services. We connect buyers and sellers, so customers can subscribe to the favorite products that were not subscribable before.

The $SUB token (BEP-20 based) will be broadly used in our Subme app. Payments, discounts, cashbacks, staking - these are some of the use cases that make $SUB token a true heart of the app ecosystem.

Subme – have-it-all subscription app that works for everyone.

Subme mobile app

How Subme works

How subme works
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Subme.Cash token is the heart of the Subme ecosystem. It governs subscriptions payments, cashback program and staking mechanism. We distribute $SUB through token sales to our investors and later use part of our profit to buy it back and burn part of its supply. With our deflationary economics, we want to ensure the steady value growth of the $SUB token.

Crypto Investors

Gain thanks to deflationary economics


Additional source of income
bonding with community

Local Businesses

Reach new recurring orders

Global Brands

Build customer loyalty in one place


Save time and money

Local Businesses
Reach new recurring orders
Global Brands
Build customer loyalty in one place
Additional source of income bonding with community
Save time and money
Crypto Investors
Gain thanks to deflationary economics

Limited Supply Tokenomics

Subme buy and burn

Buy Back & Burn

Subme is going to use 5% of its total quarterly revenue to buy back and burn $SUB tokens, therefore decreasing the supply of the Subme tokens and again, creating the demanded market pressure until all of the tokens will have been bought back. We will burn a minimum of 44% of the supplied tokens.

Subme Cashback


You will always get a cashback (up to 3%) in Subme Cash when making a subscription purchase! Furthermore, you can use that money for your other subscriptions or just HODL.

Subme farming


Farming programs will provide greater liquidity for the BNB/SUB pair and limit the supply of the $SUB tokens in the long-term aspect. Incentivized program will be introduced after listing on Pancakeswap!

Subme staking


For those who are with us hodling for a longer period of time, we have prepared high APY staking and farming possibilities.

We are here

to stay

We want Subme to be created the right way. This is why we have locked up the team tokens for 1 year with 10% being unlocked every month afterwards.

There is a vesting period for the Seed, Private & Public Sales tokens.
It will consist of 20% of tokens being sent during TGE to all investors and being unlocked 5% every week.

he supply at the moment for adding up the liquidity on Pancake Swap will be reduced, and hopefully, the price action will favor the long-term investing.

Initial Market Cap:
below 1M USD
Hardcap:2,1M USD
Total Supply:880M SUB
Listing Price:0,015000 USD
TeamLockup for 1 year, 10% monthly
Advisors and Partnerships10% TGE, 15% quarterly
Marketing5% monthly
LiquidityDex + Cex Reserves + Liquidity Rewards Program
Ecosystem Funds10% monthly
Development10% monthly
Token SaleTGE 20%, 5% weekly
Airdropstarts 1 week after TGE
Long Term Staking Rewards1 month lockup 20%, then 5% weekly
Initial BurnTGE 20%, then 5% weekly

Certik audit

$SUB smart contract was created by the blockchain industry leaders and experienced developers who ran multiple crypto currency projects. The (BEP-20) contract was later audited by the most respected and widely recognized tech audit company, CertiK. On top of that, our advisor Paweł Wyleciał is a founder of RED TEAM - a cyber security company that is responsible for finding and disclosing multiple vulnerabilities in high-profile software from major vendors such as Google, Netflix, Adobe, and many more.




Adam Larsson


Experienced entrepreneur, originator of Subme. As the CEO of Workeo he acquired the best talents for leading companies from IT & Blockchain industries and worked on SaaS Project. Chairman of the Explorey S.A. board, the e-commerce management company with unique products.


Bogusz Kończak


Entrepreneur, sales expert, and manager with over 5 years of experience in leading top-performing teams for institutional clients (Nationale Nederlanden). A passionate business developer, actively investing in real estate and blockchain projects. Present in the Crypto Industry since 2016.


Łukasz Braciszewski


Former Coinpaprika core team member. He holds extensive managerial experience, which he gained while working on innovative IT projects. He has a global network of contacts in the blockchain industry. He is also a co-owner of Ari10, a virtual currency exchange leader.


Marcin Pędziński


Marcin holds 30 years of experience in the capital markets, both in transactions and privatizations fields. He led and supervised the biggest privatizations (i.a.: KGHM, PKN Orlen, TPSA ) and IPO/SPO, M&A, LBO/MBO. For 14 years CEO of Investment company and head of Corporate Finance in Santander Group in Poland.


Michał Adamski

Head of content

Content Manager of Gamerhash and Skyrocket. Former Journalist of Beingcrypto. He has been working in the Crypto Industry since 2018.


Michał Dziopak

Partnership and Communication Manager

Entrepreneur, sales expert, the owner of the e-commerce store specialized in selling rare and unique books. Michał spent several years in Vietnam, where he deepened his knowledge of South-East Asian markets' conditions, local cultures, and languages.


Hoang Hue

Vietnamese community manager

Hue holds strong experience in the field of managing communities. She is an experienced event organizer and fund-raiser, involved in collaborating with non-profit organizations in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.


Media about us


What is $SUB cash?
We are going to release the first version of our app in Q4, 2021. For more information about the progress and scheduled tasks, check out the roadmap available on Subme.Cash and in our whitepaper.
I cannot connect with MetaMask on the Subme.Cash website.
Make sure you have switched the network on MetaMask to BEP-20 (BSC - Binance Smart Chain).
How to claim $SUB tokens?
If you have taken part in the $SUB token presales, you will be able to claim the tokens from after Token Generation Event. Using a computer (computer mode in a smartphone browser is preferred) - you can choose whether to claim them with MetaMask, Trustwallet, or Binance wallet.
Why can't I see my tokens from the private sale? How to get/claim them?
Make sure you are using the same BEP-20 address as during the private/public sale. If your tokens are still not available, please contact us on Telegram with the TX of your private sale transaction (with a link to
When will be the $SUB token listing?
$SUB Token will be listed 18.08.2021 on Pancakeswap.
Where Subme.Cash token will be listed?
Firstly on Pancake Swap and later on other reputable Centralized Exchanges.
Wen airdrop sir? How to claim?
Airdrop will be distributed a week after the TGE.
What products are going to be available in the Subme App?
Our slogan is Subscribe Everything, so we want to add as many products as our users need. The first products available on our platform are going to be the fitness industry SuperFoods!
Why do I need to claim $SUB tokens?
Unfortunately, it is the way how Smart Contract was created - you have to interact with the contract in order to receive your $SUB tokens.
I haven’t received all of my tokens. Why?
There is a vesting period enforced on the investment - in case of public/private sale, you will receive 20% during TGE and then 5% weekly
How and when to get gas compensation? From the 1st day of the public sale?
You will receive the compensation for the gas during the private sale 1 week after the listing on Pancake Swap
I cannot find an answer here. Where can I get help?
Please contact us on the official telegram group.
How to claim my tokens with Trust Wallet / Metamask with a mobile phone? Why doesn't the mobile version work?
We recommend claiming them on your laptop/PC. If you want to claim your tokens on your smartphone, you have to enter the panel in a Computer mode. To enter this mode, click “three dots” in the right top corner of Google Chrome mobile and tick the box.
Do the staking rewards get claimable after listing?
There is vesting similar to the one we have for the Public/Private Sales Tokens, 1 month after the TGE 20% then 5% weekly.