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Token of the ever-growing Subscription Economy

Subme growth is bound together with the subscription economy which is currently expanding at the rate of 100% annually! This is the reason why the $SUB token value is not just some mere speculation, as the project value is based on growth from real-world business ideas, partnerships, goods, and services.

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Subme token
Subme token
Subme token
Subme token

A great Appwith the $SUB token

Subme is the world’s first platform entirely focused on subscribing to both physical and online products and services. We connect buyers and sellers, thereby allowing customers to subscribe to their favorite products and services that have never been available by subscription before.

The $SUB token, a BEP-20 based crypto-currency, will be broadly used throughout our Subme app. Payments, discounts, cashback, staking - these are some of the use cases that make our $SUB token the true heart of our app ecosystem.

Subme – an all-in-one subscriptions management app that works for everyone.

Subme app

How Subme works

How Subme works


$SUB token is the heart of the Subme ecosystem. It governs subscription payments, cashback rewards, and staking mechanisms. We distribute $SUB through sales to our investors through exchanges, and later use part of the profit to buy back the token and burn a percentage of the supply. With our deflationary economics, we can ensure the steady value growth of the $SUB token.

Subme ecosystem


Save time and money


Gain an additional source of income promoting favorite products and services to followers

Crypto Investors

Reap profits from deflationary economics, yield, and real-world use case

Local businesses

Reach new customers with recurring orders

Global brands

Build customer loyalty in one place

Limited SupplyTokenomics

Subme buy and burn

Buy Back & Burn

Subme will use 5% of its total quarterly revenue to buy back and burn $SUB tokens which will decrease the supply of Subme tokens creating market demand. We will buy back and burn a minimum of 44% of the total token supply.

Subme Cashback


You will always get a cashback return (up to 3%) in $SUB tokens with every subscription purchase! Your $SUB tokens can be cashed out on an exchange, applied to your next purchase, farmed or staked for yields, or donated to your favorite cause.

Subme farming


Farming programs provide greater liquidity for the BNB/SUB pair on exchanges and limit the supply of the $SUB tokens in circulation. But more importantly, by participating in our ecosystem by providing liquidity, you can earn additional yield. Our farming is available on:

Subme staking


For those who commit to holding our $SUB tokens as an investment for a longer time, we offer high APY staking and farming opportunities so you can earn interest at very attractive rates. Our staking is available on:

We are hereto stay

We want Subme to be created the right way. This is why we have locked up the team tokens for 1 year with just 10% released every month thereafter.

There is a vesting period for all pre-sale tokens including the Seed, Private & Public sales. 20% of the tokens were distributed to all investors during the Token Generating Event (TGE) and 5% will be unlocked every week thereafter.

Initial Market Cap:
below 1M USD

2,1M USD
Total Supply:
880M SUB
Listing Price:
0,015000 USD
Lockup for 1 year, 10% Monthly
Advisors and Partnerships
10% at TGE (Token Generation Event), then 15% Quarterly
5% Monthly
Dex + Cex Reserves + Liquidity Rewards Program
Ecosystem Funds
10% Monthly
10% Monthly
Token Sale
20% at TGE, then 5% Weekly
5% weekly, Starting 1 week after TGE
Long Term Staking Rewards
1 Month Lockup 20%, then 5% Weekly
Initial Burn
25% at TGE, then 5% Weekly
Certik audit


The $SUB smart contract was created by blockchain industry leaders and experienced developers, who have run multiple cryptocurrency projects. The (BEP-20) contract was additionally audited by the very respected and widely recognized tech audit company, CertiK. On top of that, our advisor Paweł Wyleciał is a founder of RED TEAM - a cyber security company responsible for finding and disclosing multiple vulnerabilities in high-profile software from major vendors such as Google, Netflix, and Adobe.


Subme rocket
Product ideaCompany set-upSeed financing
Private and Public Token Sales
CertiK auditFirst DEX Listing (PancakeSwap)First CEX Listing (Bitmart)Development of subscription-based e-commerce platform
Health & Fitness ApplicationsInfluencer basketsIntegration of Ari10, CoinPaprika, MetamaskMore features of the AppFurther expansion into industries such as Cosmetics, Books, Audiobooks
Online SubscriptionsNext CEX
Lightning Network integrationAI module implementationVC funding round
Custom Subscription CreatorFulfillment / Distribution Center in Europe
More industriesDistribution centers all around the world


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